Autism Services

PEER Groups(See attached flyer with information) Peer is a Social Skills program created by UCLA for adolescents and young adults on the Autism Spectrum.  These are parent/support person assisted groups. While the participant with social difficulties is in a class learning Social Skills, the parent/support person is in another class learning how to support what their child in what they are learning.    These groups are offered multiple times per year in different locations.  Please see the TTS event calendar for class dates and locations.   

Living Well on the Spectrum – Establishing or Increasing Executive Functioning Skills. The participant will learn about; Impulse Control, Emotional Control, Flexible Thinking, Working Memory, Self-Monitoring, Planning and Prioritizing, Task Initiation, and Organization.  

Successful Socializing – This program is for those who do not want or need parents/support person’s involvement in learning.  This program uses the Making Friends model from UCLA.  Topics include; how to appropriately trade personal information, how to engage in two way conversations, appropriate use of electronic communication, how to choose friends, appropriate use of humor, entering conversations, exiting conversations, manage/put together outings with friends, good sportsmanship, how to handle teasing, embarrassing feedback, bullying and bad reputations, handling disagreements, and handling rumors and gossip.  

ASD Supports – These are provided one on one and are on an as needed basis.  They can include any of the previous topics listed in the group curriculums or others as identified. Some examples include social, executive functioning, and communication skills.  Also flexibility, organization, planning, customer interaction, phobias, impulse control, and problem solving.

Parent education and Consultations - Need help locating resources? Want input on an upcoming meeting or appointment? Wondering how to implement home aids and manage behaviors?  TTS provides parent information and training events throughout the year.  In addition to these events staff is available for individual consultations to help you when you need it most.